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As is commonly known anonymity is not a prominent design goal of most cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin. Furthermore, it is not possible to mitigate analysis of the existing transaction history. All transaction information is publicly available in a blockchain.

There are several known approaches to mitigate this problem: ring transactions, ZK-Snarks and Zerocoin protocol. Hexxcoin implements Zerocoin protocol to ensure anonymity for coin users. Hexxcoin users may convert non-anonymous coins into anonymous ones, which can be sent to other users of the Hexxcoin network, and these transactions cannot be traced by any third party. All of these can be done inside a core wallet without any additional software.


Hexxcoin uses a faster block time than Bitcoin. On average there are only 2.5 minutes between blocks. This means faster confirmation time for your transactions, and also 4 times higher network transaction capacity. As a result, no more insane transaction fees or long wait times for your payments. Currently there are ~ 1.5 million hexxcoins in circulation (January 2018). Check this le opinioni su etoro which is a review article on etoro trading platform. A reliable platform for trading where you will get access to various finacial markets inclusive of cryptocurrencies.

The block reward is 2 hexxcoin per block. The amount may decrease in the future if the hexxcoin community comes to that decision. Hexxcoin uses lyra2z330 as a proof-of-work algorithm. It is mineable on CPUs at the moment. Difficulty retarget occurs every block which makes the network stable by preventing any sudden fluctuations of the network hashing speed.


Average tx Confirmation Time


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POW Algorithm


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Zerocoin Protocol

Privacy on the Blockchain

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Q1 2018

Community Takeover
Extend New Team
Core Update
Xnodes on Hexx Network
Coin Funding System

Q2 2018

Cloud CPU Mining Services
Cloud Xnode Services
Seek New Exchange Listings

Q3 2018

Core Update 16.x
POS Hybrid Implement Starts
BTC + HXX -> BitcoinZeroX

Q4 2018

Xnode Code Update Starts

Q1 2019

Improved Budget System Using Supernodes
Community Integration [Voting System]

Q2 2019

Light Wallet

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Before you can use Hexxcoin you will need the latest wallet to store your coins safely on your PC.
After installing the wallet you are ready to get Hexxcoins by mining or buying coins on exchange.

Latest Windows and
Linux releases on Github
Optimised CPU Miner to
mine solo or in pools
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